Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Next Meeting - December 4

Our next meeting is December 4 at the Blue Owl Restaurant in Kimmswick, MO. We'll meet at 10 AM, meal choices are $14. We will be taking up a collection for our Oaxacan student that day. You'll find us in the Owl's Nest Room. This room seats about 40, so feel free to invite a guest or two. It is the first day of the Christmas Festival so there will be lots to see and to do.

Building Reps please contact me with the meal counts by November 23, that will be the last day of school before Thanksgiving break. Retirees should contact Sherri by Friday, November 26.

Gamma Tau Day at the Board of Religious Organizations will be Monday, November 29. Nine people have signed up so far and there is still room for more. Let me know soon if you plan to attend. I will send details in an email on November 22.

Thanks to the Legislative Committee for their fine work with the November 8th meeting. The tables looked great with the leaves, candy and cloth pumpkins made by Bev Devine. Jennifer McKenzie from Jefferson County Family Support Children's Division brought us up to date with the changes in mandatory and non-mandatory reporting. I saved Brenda AuBuchon's marriage by keeping her in her seat. Obviously, many of us felt that tug at our heart strings for these children since we collected $125 for the children's Christmas gifts this year.

Trish Guethle received her 20 year pin for her continued support of our organization. Thank you, Trish.

Yearbooks are now available. I will have them at the next meeting. Thank you to Cindy Horn for doing all of the copying.

Please begin thinking about candidates for the next initiation. The next meeting would be a good time to introduce them to the organization.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

November 8, 2010 Meeting

Flying Geese : grunged

Our next meeting is November 8 at 5PM in the Valley Library.

Please contact your Building Rep by November 1, so they can send me the meal count for our meeting. Contact them as soon as you read this, so you don't get busy and forgetand they have to contact you.

The program is by Robin Berger and the Legislative Committee. Jennifer McKenzie from the Jefferson County Family Support Children's Division to speak on our roles as a school and children's agency once a child is taken into custody. We will be collecting donations at the meeting of car seats, booster seats and covers. Baby items such as diapers, formula and bottles are also needed. We will also collect money for these items. This is a very deserving local cause. Please help them out at this meeting.

Our menu for November 8 will include
Roast Pork with stuffing and gravy
Green Beans
Rolls and Butter
Iced Tea
Honeybun Cake

Don't forget to rsvp to your building reps!

Thanks to ALL! Being the President of this organization is such a JOY for me!

Joint Council

Joint Council was a HUGE success! We had over 90 in attendance and I can truly say everyone had a good time. We received a thank you for a "wonderfully planned and executed Jount Council. " "My chapter was thoroughly pleased!" from Lori Burke, President of Beta Delta. Dot Kinman said, " It wasn't a meeting it was a party!" That is exactly how I feel too.
Pam Penrose and the Joint Council Committee were stellar. " Minute To Win It" was a laugh riot. When the pantyhose went over Jan Cranmer's, Kristen Daffron, Barb Gilcrease's and Deb Padgett;s ( acting as our own Vanna White) heads we laughed so hard it brought us to tears. that is going above and beyond for the cause. Sherri Talbott also gave her all as a Gamma Tau participant. Also, thank you, to all those who participated in setting up and cleaning up the games.
Sandy Wynn won the 50/50 Drawing and donated a portion back to the 2013 Regional Conference. A BIG THANK YOU to Cindy Horn for the designing and printing of the program. There is no end to her creative talents.
I repeatly heard how wonderful the library looked with all of your tablecloths and baked goods as centerpieces. We raised $207 for the Scholarship Fund. Thank you for contributing to the cause. If you didn't get your tablecloth that night Pam will have them at the Nove. 8th ,meeting. I am very proud and happy to be a member of Gamma Tau.
You might have been wondering when I was going to have the Yearbook ready. Well, I intend to have them at the next meeting. You will have all the latest information on members and anything else you might need to know in a red folder.

Joint Council Photos

Joint Council Photos