Wednesday, February 22, 2012

March Meeting Information

February meetings are a problem!!!!!! Can you believe all that snow when it had been so warm for so long? I didn't even take a coat with me to Florida because it was so warm when we left. We bought sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts the day we left Destin to get us home. It was 26 degrees in northern Mississippi when we stopped there for the night. It was definitely a shock to my system. All in all it has been a very mild winter and I really can't complain.

Back to February meetings, I believe the one we had planned was so good that we have made an effort to set it up for the MARCH 5th meeting. Craig Jung will still be our speaker with the same topic. Judy will be joining us that night also. We will still have the Scholarship Fundraiser so still bring those handmade items and unwanted Christmas gifts for people to win. I am adding two more important items to that agenda. We will be voting on the new officers for the next 2 years and we will be asking for information on potential new members so we can vote on them. It takes more than some stinky weather to slow us down. We can get these important tasks done and still have a fun time! I hope to see everyone at this meeting. It feels like forever since we have been together.

The menu will be the pasta and salad as is indicated in the blog for March. I have heard frequently that is a favorite for several of you so I won't change that.
Let your Building Rep. know by FEB. 27th. BUILDING REPS.- Let me know your meal counts by 9 pm on FEB. 27th.

Sign up for Rose Tea will be that night as will the last chance to sign up for the April State Convention in Springfield,Mo. If you know you will be attending the Convention, you can let me know now if you like.

Christie did a great job of taking care of things in my place! Thank you for doing that for me.

I was sorry to hear we had 2 members to have a loss in their family while I was away. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lastly, the EXECUTIVE BOARD will meet at 4 pm in the Valley Library before this MARCH 5th meeting.