Sunday, November 20, 2011

November / December 2011

We have just finished a very rewarding project with the purses for the Women's Shelter. I can't think of another project we have done that was as touching or as satisfying.

 The speakers, Barb and Brenda, were excellent as was the response from our members with all the purse necessities. As you can see we all had fun packing purses and our key rings were an important part of the gift. From start to finish this was a joyful project that I have had a lot of positive feedback about. I want to thank Sue Collins so much for her work on this project. It would not have been possible without all her extra effort.

Pam Penrose is taking nominations for 3 positions on the Executive Board for the next biennium. Pam's email address is in the Redbook.

The positions are:

 Think about members you know would be good in these positions and let Pam know.

Next Meeting

December 3rd, 10 am, at the Blue Owl Restaurant in Kimmswick, MO.

If you DID NOT sign up for a meal at the meeting, you need to CONTACT ME by phone or email by Nov. 26th at 9 pm. This is a change to our normal method of meal count but it allows you to get in on the count even on Thanksgiving break. I hope to see you there where we can share one of Oprah's Favorite Things, the Mile High Levy Apple Pie. That day will be the beginning of the Christmas Festival. I hope you can join us for some relaxed social time. We will collect for Oaxacan student that day.

Enjoy your break and eat until you are full and then add pie!!!!


Purse Party

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here it is the mid of October and I am sitting on the edge of the Tuckasegee River in North Carolina. The sun doesn't burn the fog off until about 10 am so the day begins perfectly for me. Being here for a week really brings home what is important in life. It is not what you do on a day to day basis that defines you but who you are and what you really love. For me it will always be other people but it is also the beauty of nature in it's simplest form. The mountains have taken on fall color everywhere I look. The behavior of the birds, trout and small mammals all around me is always fascinating. I haven't had a chance to observe the behavior of any large mammals and for that I am grateful! Take time for you. You are definitely worth it. I have often forgotten that in the hustle and bustle of daily life. I am so grateful for the time to find that again.

JOINT COUNCIL was Oct. 10th while I was away so Christie took my place. You'll find her report here.

Next meeting will be Nov. 14th at the Valley Library at 5 pm. Building Reps are now current on the blog. Please let your Building Rep know if you will be wanting a meal for this meeting by Nov. 7th. The menu for that meeting is here on the blog.

Building Reps, please let me know by 9 pm on the 7th. This is not a meeting you will want to miss.

We have 40 to 50 purses for the "Purse Party". We can not FILL all of these but we have a keychain for each that we made at last meeting. We will be able to put a few items in each purse. I have found a lot of make up samples that I never used because of the colors but they are still good products. Some ideas for what to bring to the November meeting are anything you have in your purse right now, i.e. a wallet or coin purse, make up, lotion, nail or hair care products, a reusable water bottle or a $10 gas or phone card. If you are out shopping feel free to ask if they have anything to donate to the cause. Local grocery stores or shops might be happy to give a gift card or excess items they have piled in back. You don't know until you inquire! Bring all your goodies to the November meeting. We will fill the purses and give them to our guest speakers of the evening to be distributed to the needy women at the shelter. Who knows we may have enough to fill that need for a full year. What a wonderful way to give back to our community.

Also at this meeting we will be taking written nominations for several positions which we will vote on at the February meeting. I know we need a 2nd Vice President and a Recording Secretary for sure. There are others I am not positive about but will be by the meeting. Pam Penrose is the chairperson of that committee. Be thinking about potential candidates.

November 28th will be the BRO(Brotherhood of Religious Organizations) Gamma Tau Volunteer Workday. So sign up at the Nov. meeting if you will be working with us. We can use 10 to 12 volunteers. It is a very satisfying way to spend a day. We will carpool from the 270/30 Commuter Lot leaving at 8:30 am. Bring a sack lunch and a drink. Dessert, snacks and water will be provided.

December meeting will be at the Blue Owl Restaurant in Kimmswick on Dec. 4th at 10 am. Mark it on your calendar now since I know how fast that month books up.

I am very happy with all the good work we are doing together this year. Thank you so much for your very important part in it.

Pam Penrose

Hi Regina:Just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time last night at the Joint Council meeting. Thanks for nominating me for the award. It was a honor to represent our chapter. I've attached a picture that Nancy Bohle took for me.See you in November,Pam

Joint Council

Joint Council was held at the Methodist Church in Festus. As usual the Methodist women served a very nice meal of salad, cranberry chicken, green beans, rice, homemade rolls and desserts. Alpha Iota hosted the event.

Gently used books and stuffed animals were collected to be turned into Book Buddies. Cathy Hippert reported on the Book Buddies. She said it started in May by giving 50 to Operation Home Front. These Book Buddies go to military families children. Each month she has been called for more Book Buddies. Since she started this project, she has donated over 3,000 Book Buddies. She says as long as there are garage sales and thrift stores, she will continue to create the book buddies.

AND the winner of the 50/50 was ... Christie Wiltz. She donated the $79.50 to "Missouri Night 2013.

"There were greetings from the State President, Bev Teri. She spoke of the conference in Springfield, MO on April 13, 14, and 15th. On Friday during the conference there will be a auction to help raise money for Missouri 2013. She also mentioned her program teachers helping another teacher. The idea is to help a new teacher feel welcome by listening or helping out in many different ways. We want to keep them in the profession.

The guest speaker was Jack Jordan. He is a retired administrator from Mehlville School District. He is very active on several teacher retirement boards. He discussed many legislative issues that may affect teachers. Especially the Representative from Cape Girardeau, Jason Crowell. He plans to present several bills to the legislators that may hurt teachers and affect PSRS. We may need your phone calls, letters and emails if he should present these bills. We are blessed to have Sherri Talbot. Most of the information Mr. Jordan talked about we have already heard from Sherri or Peggy Cochran.

The meeting was called to order. Leadership Achievement Awards were presented to the following: Alpha Iota - Mary Tidd, Beta Delta - Nancy Woods, Beta Pi - Nancy Strain, and Gamma Tau - Pam Penrose. We are blessed to have Pam represent us. One person was supposed to receive a 20 year pin. We also learned Gamma Tau will turn 20 next year. The meeting was adjourned after we all held hands and sang the Delta Kappa Gamma song.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't miss the first meeting, August 29, 2011

Don't miss the first meeting of the year!
August 29, 2011 5:00 PM
The Valley Library

Remember when you were a child, how excited you were when the start of school began to get close. All the new clothes, pencils, crayons and a protractor. Does it get any better than that anticipation? Now we are all grown up and still get excited about new teacher stuff for the year. Thinking about all of that makes me think of the Joplin teachers and how they will begin school this year. Sherri Talbott had the great idea of collecting at least $10 per member at the August meeting. Then matching that amount up to $300 from the money I have not spent from last year's budget. Just imagine if we could donate up to $600 to help give that wonderful "staring a new school year" feeling to the teachers and students of Joplin, Missouri.

Also at the August meeting we will have an Initiation Ceremony for Kati Clark and do the Favorite Things for this year. So bring your favorite things for $10 or less to share with us. Following this activity we will have committee planning time for the upcoming year's programs.

The menu for the August 29 meeting is: Italian Beef Sandwiches with Au jus, salad, chips, pickles, iced tea, and chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. Let your Building Rep know by August 22 if you are coming so they can contact me by 6PM that day. I realize that so many building moves have been made this year that some of you may not have or know who the Building Rep is yet, just let me know by the above date and time so I can include you in my count. Retirees should contact Sherri, as usual.

New this year will be the PIN TIN. If you forget your pin, please drop a quarter in the PIN TIN. It will be by the sign-in sheet.

We have several other really satisfying projects this year. In September we will again collect gently used books, toys, games and stuffed animals for the BRO. The Volunteer Day for the BRO will be November 28 this year. The November meeting will be a "Fill A Purse Party" for an abused woman. More details on that later.

Joint Council will be on October 10th. Alpha Iota is hosting and I hear the meal is always good, but the dessert is outstanding! It will be at the First United Methodist Church in Festus, Missouri starting at 5 PM. The sign up sheet is on the table with the Pin Tin. I have not heard the deadline for the count as yet. We had wonderful support from the other chapters for our Joint Council so we need to be supportive of other's efforts. Karen Evans said we are a hard act to follow and she hates being the one to do just that. Let's help her out this year!

The Second Meeting is September 12
The time between meetings is so short that I will have a sign up sheet for the September meal count at the August meeting. The deadline for letting your Building Reps know if you are attending will be September 6. Building Reps should contact me by 6 PM that evening. Everyone should know who their Building Reps are by the November deadline. The menu for the September 12th meeting is: Chicken Salad sandwiches, salad, chips, tea, and my personal favorite dessert, Lemon Passion Cake.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone, doing some good work for others, having a little fun and learning something new along the way. Thanks for sticking with me these past two years and now on to the third and best ( I hope) year yet.



Dinner Menus 2011 - 2012 ( This is the way we spell dinner!)

This is the way we spell Dinner

August 29

Italian Beef Sandwich w/au jus, salad, pickles, chips, tea, Chocolate Texas Sheetcake

September 12

Chicken Salad, salad, chips, tea, Lemon Passion Dessert

November 14

Roast Pork w/gravy, stuffing, Greenbean Almondine, Salad, roll & butter, Cookie assortment

February 13

Chicken Tettrazini, broccoli, Salad, Garlic Bread, tea, Pineapple Upside Down Cake,

March 5

Mostaccioli,Pasta Con Broccoli and Pasta House Salad, Rolls & Butter, tea, Angelfood Cake with strawberries

All dinners will be $10.

Meeting Dates 2011 - 2012

Meeting Dates 2011 - 2012

August 29, 2011

Favorite Things

Collection for Joplin Schools Recovery

September 12, 2011

Gently used toys, books, etc, for Board of Religious Organizations (BRO-St. Louis)

Professional Affairs

Sue Ritchey

October 10, 2011

Joint Council

First Methodist Church in Festus, MO

Hosted by Alpha Iota

5:00 PM

November 14, 2011

Purse Party


Robin Berger

December 3, 2011

10:00 AM

Blue Owl


Cindy Horn

February 13, 2012


Mary Thomasson

March 5, 2012

Personal Growth

Becky Wyatt

April 16, 2012

Rose Tea

Jeanne's Home

May 7, 2011



Edith Evans

Regular meetings are at 5:00 PM at the Valley Library. Meals are $10.(revised 8/17/11) December 3, Blue Owl event, is at 10 AM.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Update

Executive Meeting June 6th - 5 PM - Valley Library. Dinner will be served so RSVP with my by June 2nd. Bring your red Yearbook with you.

Can you believe another Gamma Tau and school year is about over? Unlike the weary feeling at the end of the school year, I feel just the opposite about Gamma Tau. I am energized about the coming year and the Executive Meeting to bounce ideas off others and hear their ideas for upcoming meetings.

I am so pleased with what we have accomplished this year. Do you remember the "How NOT to Dress" examples? Was that about the best Joint Council ever? We did well in November helping to provide Christmas presents for Jefferson County and St. Louis area children in need. How about all the fun we had at the Blue Owl, Rose Tea and Pegg's? We made cards that really looked good in February and I am watching my cholesterol much more closely after the March meeting.

I am very proud of and grateful for all we have accomplished together this year. On top of all of that we have 5 new members with 1 more to be initiated at the August 29th meeting.


I wish for each of you a great summer of exactly what you want and need. Mine is jam packed and active and I can't wait to get started. If your summer includes a change of address and/or email, please be sure to update your information by a call or online form for International. Let Christie Wiltz know so we can update the Yearbook. If you are moving to another school district and would like to transfer your membership. please contact me for help in doing that.

Did you know that as a member the International will send you $500 if your home is severely damaged in a natural disaster? Just another benefit of membership. I pray none of us will ever need to use it!

First meeting of the 2011-2012 year will be August 29th at 5 PM in the Valley Library. We will do Favorite Things/Initiation/Meeting Planning so write it on your calendar right now!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rose Tea and Coming Events

Rose Tea We went to the Rose Tea and a party broke out. we had all the right ingredients for this to happen, a great place outside at Jeanne's patio, good food, and lots of friends. We covered the serious business first them moved to roasting Past-President Deb Padgett, since she is retiring this year. We laughed a lot and presented her with a beautiful engraved clock. I am extremely grateful to Jeanne for opening her home to us and Sue Collins for all the invitations to the prospective members and the gift. With so much help, how could Rose Tea not be a success? Thank you for supplying initiates and food, both are necessary for a successful Rose Tea. I love it when the fruits of our labors pay off. I am hopeful that all 6 initiates will take us up on our offer of membership. Scholarships Gamma Tau proudly awarded 2 $125 Scholarships to Nickie Brown, CSE and Emmy Walters, HRE. Our member Linda Fowler, MGE received the $250 Scholarship. These will be presented on May 9th at the Initiation. Initation Initation will be at 5 PM on May 9, 2011. We will be at Pegg's On The Boulevard, 3025 High Ridge Blvd. High Ridge, MO 63049. The cost will be $15. The menu includes House Salad, Roast Beef, Pasta, Chicken Parmesan, Veggie Tray, Bread/Butter, Lemonade, Tea and Water. Cindy Horn will be delighting us with cupcakes for dessert. Be sure to join us and show your pride in Gamma Tau and all we have accomplished this year. Please let your Building Reps know to reserve you a meal by May 2nd. Reps, please let know your meal count by 8 PM on the 2nd. Executive Meeting The Executive Meeting will be June 6th at 5 PM in the Valley Library. I will be supplying dinner so I will need to know who will be attending. I am looking forward to some time with all officers and committee chairs to plan for next year and discuss what I am already working on. You will receive an email from me as it gets closer to the time of the meeting to firm up the details.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Next Meeting Rose Tea - April 11, 2011 - Jeanne Rothermel's Home - 5 PM

It's hard to believe that this year's regular meetings are all over. We are now moving to the time for celebration. I feel we have made major headway in the past year. We have had some really great meetings and who didn't have a blast at the Joint Council. At this Rose Tea we will actually have new initiates. Each and everyone of you, that are involved in what goes on, can take pride in what we have accomplished. That makes me very happy and I hope you feel the same. We have a fine organization to offer the new initiates. We have fun, learn some new things and do beneficial projects for others. Some recent research results indicate that meeting one a month to do those exact things substantially increases a person's happiness quotient equal to an increase in their salary.

I am very pleased with this month's meeting by the Personal Growth Committee. Kristen Daffron did a fine job coming up with some hard trivia questions on nutrition. Who would have thought we would have a tie and go to several tie breaker questions to get the winners.

Rose Tea will be at Jeanne Rothermel's home on April 11, 2011 at 5 PM. Please bring a dish to share. Check your red Yearbook for her address in Fenton, MO. I have moved the Retirement Celebration for Deb Padgett to coincide with Rose Tea this year since she can't be in two places at once on May 9, 2011. Deb, you do not need to bring a dish that night. We will take care of you! Everyone really try to join us on the 11th to celebrate with Deb and show our ( up to 7) possible initiates the pride we have in Gamma Tau. If you nominated a possible member please personally share the Rose Tea info with them along with an invitation to join us. I ordered invitations to membership for Peg's that will be mailed.

Initiation Celebration will be May 9,2011, 5 PM, at Pegg's on the Boulevard in High Ridge, MO.

Executive Meeting will be June 6, 2011, 5 PM at the Valley Library

A friendly reminder to vote on April 5,2011. For all those who live in the Northwest School District remember that one of our own, Sherri Talbott, is running for reelection to the Northwest School Board.

Enjoy the coming of spring after such a long and dreary Winter!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Next Meeting
March 7, 2011- Valley Library - 5 PM
Please let your Building Rep know by Feb. 28th if you will be eating.

Good Morning one and all.
Nothing like having another cup of tea on the frozen tundra. This is the 78th consecutive day of frozen precip on the ground in the St. Louis area. The average high temperature for St. Louis in February is 43 degrees, today's expected high is 27 degrees and that is a warming trend. I intend to find a warm, sunny place to spend a portion of next winter! One more personal note - The Nate Berkus Show is a pretty good way to start your day.

Monday's meeting took some of our members out of their comfort zone. We made lovely springtime cards that said, "thank you for being you". The activity began with nervous laughter which rapidly moved to happy chatter, then to oohs and aahs when we began to see what we made. Believe me when I say we put Barb's card next to mine and hers was by far the best. You never know until you try! Ann Chase was a fine instructor for us. Thanks to the Scholarship Committee for the great Valentine decorations and candy. A really big THANK YOU goes to Nancy Boehle for baking dessertrs and ordering the pizza so we wouldn't starve. Nancy is amazing and always comes through when I call. thanks to all who emailed me why you would not be there. I know who has indicated they will be there and when I don't see you I wonder what is wrong. I don't seem to have enough time to visit much during the meeting but I do miss you when you are not there.
77 days til Spring
The Executive Committee met and made 2 changes in the yearbook. These were then voted on by the membership. We chose to delete the following:
Article III A - These individuals must reside in or be educators in Jefferson County, MO at the time of their induction.
Article IV F - A reinstatement fee of $20 shall be collected, along with current dues, from any former member seeking reinstatement to membership. G changes to F. We also increased the gift amount from $20 to a range of $30 - $40.

Some schools took copies of the Membership Forms. I have more I can mail to you if needed. Now is the time to be letting potential members know of our interest. Voting will be done at the March meeting so bring all nominations that evening.

We are just a few dollars short for our Oaxacan student, Cecelia. Thank you for your kindness as always.

On to the details of our next meeting.
The Personal Growth Committee is responsible for this meeting. We are happy to have a guest speaker with new ideas on eating right. I know we all think we know everything there is about this topic, so we will just see about that. Let all your knowledge win your table some fabulous prizes which will be given away that night.

Oh dear, look at the menu for this meeting.
Pasta con Broccoli/ Mostaccioli (thanks, Trish!)
Pasta House Salad
Garlic Bread
Iced Tea
Angel Food Cake with strawberries
LAst day to let your Building Rep know is Feb. 28th. Why not do that today and let that be one less thing to do later on!

Upcoming Meetings:
Rose Tea - April 11th - Jeanne Rothermel's Home 5 PM
Initiation / Retirement - May 9th Pegg's On The Boulevard - 5 PM
Delta State Convention - April 15 - 17 - Jefferson City, MO. Let me know if you plan to join me there, by the end of February.
Executive Committee Meeting - June 6th - Valley Library- 5 PM

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coming Soon!

Next Meeting:

February 7 - Valley Library - 5:00 PM

The Scholarship Committee is in charge and you will enjoy the activity they have planned for us.

Menu: Hamburger Stew, Slaw, Cornbread, butter, Iced Tea, and for dessert, my favorite, Texas Sheet cake. Good wintertime food!

Please let your Building Reps know by January 31st if you will be eating.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Rose Tea - April 11, Jeanne Rothermel's Home - 5:00 PM Please bring a dish to share. 720 Spring Crest Ct. Fenton, MO 63026

Initiation/Retirement Celebration - May 9 th

Pegg's on the Boulevard in High Ridge, MO 5 :00 PM

I hope everyone has had a good beginning of school this New Year. If how your New Year's Eve goes, so goes the New Year. I know 5 women who will have a fine 2011. We had a wonderful evening of seeing in the New Year.

Gamma Tau had 11 members and 1 friend to spend an enjoyable day at the BRO on November 29th. Your donations and our time helped to allow over 300 families to have Christmas gifts that would not have been possible otherwise. Thank YOU! (Thank you , too, from the BRO, with your help we were able to provide toys for over 4,000 children during our toy distribution days.)

There were 21 members and guests in attendance at the Blue Owl on Dec. 4th. that is a great way to begin the Christmas Season with good friends and good food in a lovely place. At the Dec. 4th meeting I had a senior moment dealing with the identify of our Oaxacan student. I read some information that we had received which fit our student. I called Sally Norris and she concurred with my belief that it was our student. thus I told the story of her graduation and going to work. Now here is the senior part. That was not our student! Our student's name is Celia Jaurez Martinez. She is beginning her 5th semester of schooling and we are committed to helping support her until she graduates. We will be collecting for her at the Feb. 7th meeting. I am so sorry for the misinformation.

The Executive Meeting was snowed out on Jan. 11th. I will email the Executive Committee in a few days with the information to be considered for discussion at 4:30 PM on Feb. 7th in the Valley Library, before the regular meeting.