Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is a marvelous time of year!

Spring is a marvelous time of year! I think it is my favorite until fall anyway. The Forsythia and Quince are blooming along with Wild Cherry, Bradford Pears and I saw some Tulip Poplars in full bloom. When I was teaching I was aware of seasons passing but had little time to really appreciate them. I have just spent a few days near a clear Ozark stream and it has been wonderful. A breeze blowing that was warm along with sunny,blue skies. The songbirds are moving back and adding their voices to the Spring Peepers we hear at night. What's not to love about this time of year? Get out and experience it as often as possible. Don't let another season pass you by!

Craig Jung, Judy Jung's son, reinforced my beliefs in the "best" way to live for all people on Earth. It is very satisfying to know that his generation is working toward a common goal that I was first introduced to in college when Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" was required reading. I hope everyone got as much from his talk as I did. You can make a difference at home and be a role model at school.

We had the following educators brought forth as future members: Lisa Boyet, Nicole Myers, Sherry Schuette, Carol Studebaker and Sarah Vandaveer. Happily, all were voted in. Sue Collins will contact them with the Rose Tea information but please personally invite each of these individuals. Let them know what a caring organization we are.

Also at last meeting we voted in the following Officers for the next 2 years: President-Christie Wiltz, 1st Vice President-Cindy Horn, 2nd Vice President-Sue Collins, Recording Secretary-Emily Mraz, Corresponding Secretary-Charlotte Hodges. The next Treasurer will be Deb Padgett. Historian will be Susi Junge. I will be Parliamentarian.
A special thanks goes to Pam Penrose and the Nomination Committee for taking care of this most important part of our organization.

We raised $125 for the Scholarship Fund from the raffle. A big thank you goes to all members who brought in items and/or bought raffle tickets.

- April 16th - Jeanne Rothermel's Home - 5 pm. (Her address is in the Redbook) Please bring to this meeting the Scholarship Forms from your buildings. Also bring a dish to share.

INITIATION AND RETIREMENT CELEBRATION - Pegg's on the Boulevard, High Ridge, MO - May 7th - 5 pm. We have 4 retiring as of now; Anne Benson, Sheryl DeLoach, Jane Lowery and Christie Wiltz. If you have any "teaching stories" about these ladies please bring them. After initiation I would like to take time to "toast" them.

Let your BUILDING REP know if you will be attending by APRIL 30th.

BUILDING REPS - Let me know by 9 pm on the 30th. I will let Pegg's know the next day.