Saturday, February 12, 2011

Next Meeting
March 7, 2011- Valley Library - 5 PM
Please let your Building Rep know by Feb. 28th if you will be eating.

Good Morning one and all.
Nothing like having another cup of tea on the frozen tundra. This is the 78th consecutive day of frozen precip on the ground in the St. Louis area. The average high temperature for St. Louis in February is 43 degrees, today's expected high is 27 degrees and that is a warming trend. I intend to find a warm, sunny place to spend a portion of next winter! One more personal note - The Nate Berkus Show is a pretty good way to start your day.

Monday's meeting took some of our members out of their comfort zone. We made lovely springtime cards that said, "thank you for being you". The activity began with nervous laughter which rapidly moved to happy chatter, then to oohs and aahs when we began to see what we made. Believe me when I say we put Barb's card next to mine and hers was by far the best. You never know until you try! Ann Chase was a fine instructor for us. Thanks to the Scholarship Committee for the great Valentine decorations and candy. A really big THANK YOU goes to Nancy Boehle for baking dessertrs and ordering the pizza so we wouldn't starve. Nancy is amazing and always comes through when I call. thanks to all who emailed me why you would not be there. I know who has indicated they will be there and when I don't see you I wonder what is wrong. I don't seem to have enough time to visit much during the meeting but I do miss you when you are not there.
77 days til Spring
The Executive Committee met and made 2 changes in the yearbook. These were then voted on by the membership. We chose to delete the following:
Article III A - These individuals must reside in or be educators in Jefferson County, MO at the time of their induction.
Article IV F - A reinstatement fee of $20 shall be collected, along with current dues, from any former member seeking reinstatement to membership. G changes to F. We also increased the gift amount from $20 to a range of $30 - $40.

Some schools took copies of the Membership Forms. I have more I can mail to you if needed. Now is the time to be letting potential members know of our interest. Voting will be done at the March meeting so bring all nominations that evening.

We are just a few dollars short for our Oaxacan student, Cecelia. Thank you for your kindness as always.

On to the details of our next meeting.
The Personal Growth Committee is responsible for this meeting. We are happy to have a guest speaker with new ideas on eating right. I know we all think we know everything there is about this topic, so we will just see about that. Let all your knowledge win your table some fabulous prizes which will be given away that night.

Oh dear, look at the menu for this meeting.
Pasta con Broccoli/ Mostaccioli (thanks, Trish!)
Pasta House Salad
Garlic Bread
Iced Tea
Angel Food Cake with strawberries
LAst day to let your Building Rep know is Feb. 28th. Why not do that today and let that be one less thing to do later on!

Upcoming Meetings:
Rose Tea - April 11th - Jeanne Rothermel's Home 5 PM
Initiation / Retirement - May 9th Pegg's On The Boulevard - 5 PM
Delta State Convention - April 15 - 17 - Jefferson City, MO. Let me know if you plan to join me there, by the end of February.
Executive Committee Meeting - June 6th - Valley Library- 5 PM

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