Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Update

Executive Meeting June 6th - 5 PM - Valley Library. Dinner will be served so RSVP with my by June 2nd. Bring your red Yearbook with you.

Can you believe another Gamma Tau and school year is about over? Unlike the weary feeling at the end of the school year, I feel just the opposite about Gamma Tau. I am energized about the coming year and the Executive Meeting to bounce ideas off others and hear their ideas for upcoming meetings.

I am so pleased with what we have accomplished this year. Do you remember the "How NOT to Dress" examples? Was that about the best Joint Council ever? We did well in November helping to provide Christmas presents for Jefferson County and St. Louis area children in need. How about all the fun we had at the Blue Owl, Rose Tea and Pegg's? We made cards that really looked good in February and I am watching my cholesterol much more closely after the March meeting.

I am very proud of and grateful for all we have accomplished together this year. On top of all of that we have 5 new members with 1 more to be initiated at the August 29th meeting.


I wish for each of you a great summer of exactly what you want and need. Mine is jam packed and active and I can't wait to get started. If your summer includes a change of address and/or email, please be sure to update your information by a call or online form for International. Let Christie Wiltz know so we can update the Yearbook. If you are moving to another school district and would like to transfer your membership. please contact me for help in doing that.

Did you know that as a member the International will send you $500 if your home is severely damaged in a natural disaster? Just another benefit of membership. I pray none of us will ever need to use it!

First meeting of the 2011-2012 year will be August 29th at 5 PM in the Valley Library. We will do Favorite Things/Initiation/Meeting Planning so write it on your calendar right now!

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