Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't miss the first meeting, August 29, 2011

Don't miss the first meeting of the year!
August 29, 2011 5:00 PM
The Valley Library

Remember when you were a child, how excited you were when the start of school began to get close. All the new clothes, pencils, crayons and a protractor. Does it get any better than that anticipation? Now we are all grown up and still get excited about new teacher stuff for the year. Thinking about all of that makes me think of the Joplin teachers and how they will begin school this year. Sherri Talbott had the great idea of collecting at least $10 per member at the August meeting. Then matching that amount up to $300 from the money I have not spent from last year's budget. Just imagine if we could donate up to $600 to help give that wonderful "staring a new school year" feeling to the teachers and students of Joplin, Missouri.

Also at the August meeting we will have an Initiation Ceremony for Kati Clark and do the Favorite Things for this year. So bring your favorite things for $10 or less to share with us. Following this activity we will have committee planning time for the upcoming year's programs.

The menu for the August 29 meeting is: Italian Beef Sandwiches with Au jus, salad, chips, pickles, iced tea, and chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. Let your Building Rep know by August 22 if you are coming so they can contact me by 6PM that day. I realize that so many building moves have been made this year that some of you may not have or know who the Building Rep is yet, just let me know by the above date and time so I can include you in my count. Retirees should contact Sherri, as usual.

New this year will be the PIN TIN. If you forget your pin, please drop a quarter in the PIN TIN. It will be by the sign-in sheet.

We have several other really satisfying projects this year. In September we will again collect gently used books, toys, games and stuffed animals for the BRO. The Volunteer Day for the BRO will be November 28 this year. The November meeting will be a "Fill A Purse Party" for an abused woman. More details on that later.

Joint Council will be on October 10th. Alpha Iota is hosting and I hear the meal is always good, but the dessert is outstanding! It will be at the First United Methodist Church in Festus, Missouri starting at 5 PM. The sign up sheet is on the table with the Pin Tin. I have not heard the deadline for the count as yet. We had wonderful support from the other chapters for our Joint Council so we need to be supportive of other's efforts. Karen Evans said we are a hard act to follow and she hates being the one to do just that. Let's help her out this year!

The Second Meeting is September 12
The time between meetings is so short that I will have a sign up sheet for the September meal count at the August meeting. The deadline for letting your Building Reps know if you are attending will be September 6. Building Reps should contact me by 6 PM that evening. Everyone should know who their Building Reps are by the November deadline. The menu for the September 12th meeting is: Chicken Salad sandwiches, salad, chips, tea, and my personal favorite dessert, Lemon Passion Cake.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone, doing some good work for others, having a little fun and learning something new along the way. Thanks for sticking with me these past two years and now on to the third and best ( I hope) year yet.



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